Name: Faria
Date of birth: 3th of March, 1978
Date of death: 24th of February, 2008
Clan: Malkavian (thin-blood)
Place of Birth: Düsseldorf, Germany
Current place of residence: Small apartment above her own shop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Current occupation: Tarot reader, fortune teller
Favorite bloodtype: I don't pick favorites.. they are picked for me.
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite holiday destination: Somewhere sunny


Not much is known about Faria, and her name is most likely to be an alias. Rumor is she was part of a failed mass Embrace orchestrated by the Sabbat, by an 13th generation Malkavian. She is believed to have roamed through Western Europe for the past years, making the most of her condition by offering her increased insight in the form of a fortune teller.

Recently, she has taken up permanent residence in Amsterdam, most likely pulled there by recent events. She is under the watchful eye of the Camarilla, but they haven't seen any reason to intervene as of yet.

Faria seems to be a caring individual, adapting to her predicament, and has deep insight about future events.



"The Malkavians are a clan of Kindred cursed with insanity. Every Malkavian is in some fashion insane; in game terms, they have at least one derangement they can never remove. They are one of the original seven clans of the Camarilla and a pillar of the organization. Throughout history, the Malkavians have been the seers and oracles of the Kindred, bound by strange compulsions and insight.

Due to their inherent clan weakness, every last vampire of Malkav's blood is irredeemably insane in some form or another. Some attribute this to a curse of the blood, while other Lunatics actually call it a special blessing, a gift of insight. When a Malkavian character is created, the player must choose at least one derangement for that character at the time of the Embrace; this derangement can be temporarily fought with Willpower, but can never be permanently overcome. They are also pranksters, with their "jokes" ranging from benign to sadistic.

The term thin-blooded is primarily used to refer to Caitiff and vampires of the last generations.

In the Final Nights, thin-blooded vampires are synonymous with vampires of the 14th and 15th Generations. While only about half of 14th generation vampires have Thin Blood Syndrome, all 15th generation vampires do, making them the final generation.

For centuries the thin-blooded have been persecuted by Elders, Gehenna cults, and other Noddists that fear their existence because Gehenna prophecies seem to indicate thin-blooded vampires are a sign of the End Times. While in previous centuries the Caitiff bore the brunt of this hatred, the upsurge of 14th and 15th generation Kindred has become a matter of great debate and concern, and has notably resulted in the return of the office of the Scourge in Camarilla cities."