Mel’s Tale – Part 2 – A Response to Tragedy by Callisto



Story by Callisto

Narration by Lisa Indigo

What does it mean to be in love with Tragedy? When the sorrow weighs heavy on my heart, and continuing on means more agony. But then this disparate love somehow… drives me forward.

But what is the point, when sadness begets only sadness, and I find myself more comfortable with its caresse? Happiness becomes a fleeting memory, and a mere gauge to measure how far I’ve fallen into despair.

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The Betrayal of Lydinvale


Lydinvale was a small country by all accounts. Landlocked by three dominating kingdoms, its only asset were the King and Queen’s breathtakingly beautiful, triplet daughters. When they were born, King Seddon made a treaty with his neighbors. Their daughters were to be betrothed to each of the other three Kings’ eldest sons. When the girls turned sixteen, they would marry the princes from each of the respective kingdoms and be sent away from Lydinvale from that day forth. Continue Reading

Mel’s Monologue

Mel’s Monologue
by Callisto

Hail to you, progeny! Most often, it is the work of my own hand and merry grin that does stain this marble hall with such crimson despair. I’ve left you here for but a moment, and you have already sought to change this landscape with such vigor.

With your own blood, no less.

I do admit your current disposition confounds me. When last I left, you were savoring a kiss with the alluring morsel I had presented to you earlier this very night.

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