The Selene Effect : Chapter 5-6


Begin log Selene Shepard 5:

 So now I was as ‘powerful’ as Saren, I only answered to the Council, and if I chose not to listen to anyone else, then they couldn’t stop me; I now knew how it felt to be Maria Vanderhoff *giggle*.  You would think I would simply jump on the fastest ship off the Citadel and make Saren fit into a small box, but my curiosity became piqued by hearing about someone known as ‘The Asari Consort’.

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The Selene Effect : Chapter 3-4


Begin log Selene Shepard 3:

 So, we arrived on the Citadel, and it’s a good thing I was used to throwing huge Balls and Parties before my Shepard days because the Citadel isn’t for the reclusive.  I had to ‘listen’ to the human ambassador spout rhetoric which would have been enough for me to get out of there and leave the humans to their silly wining, but for Captain Anderson.  The man gave off an aura of courage and respect that I hadn’t seen since Maria…I bet she’s mad I got away… Continue Reading

The Selene Effect : Chapter 1-2


Story by Stephen Elmy

Narration by Lisa Indigo

Begin log Selene Shepard 1:

Log… I can remembered when the only logs I knew of were in the forest near our home… Where can I begin… It’s been so long… I can barely remember the steps that were taken to ‘safeguard my life’ as someone once put it.  All I remember back then are fragments of emotions, and even they feel like someone else’s… Continue Reading

Selene Liselore De Vries: Origin Story


Hello, my dear.. You are here because you want to know more about me, are you not..? Heh, well, I certainly don’t mind divulging a little bit. My name, Selene Liselore De Vries, can be heard during every social event in the city, and perhaps even beyond that. Many know me for my charm and grace, my extensive knowledge about everything worth knowing in these nights.. but not many know my true tale.

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Selene – Youthful Innocence

Selene Liselore De Vries was born in Leiden on the 13th of June, 1981. She grew up in the family mansion together with her sister Soe who is 3 year her junior. The De Vries family is what you would call “old money”. Living on the wealth that generations before them had gathered, the sisters never had to wish for anything.

Their father, Arjen de Vries, had always been prone to gambling and risky investments.

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