Alicia’s Story Chapter 2: Vampire of Sardinia

Story by Jeremy Vail
Imagery by Shelly
Reading by Lisa 

After several diplomatic failures and military defeats in the 1730s, Austria seemed to be declining, or even on the verge of collapse.However in 1770, A loose alliance between  the French and Austrians is strengthened by the marriage of future King Louis XVI of France and Austrian Archduchess  Marie Antoinette.For the Kingdom of Sardinia, this meant two large empires on either side were officially allied. Continue Reading

Alicia’s Tale – Chapter 1 – Fire in the Valley


Story by Jeremy Vail – Images selected by Shelly – Alicia by me

She was born in Chambery, France. situated in the south-east of France, 325 miles from Paris. 62 miles from Lyon. It is found in a large valley, surrounded by the Massif des Bauges to the east, Mont Granier and the Chaîne de Belledonne to the south, the Chaîne de l’Épine (the most southern mountain of the Jura) to the west and the Lac du Bourget to the north.

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