Selene Liselore De Vries: Origin Story


Hello, my dear.. You are here because you want to know more about me, are you not..? Heh, well, I certainly don’t mind divulging a little bit. My name, Selene Liselore De Vries, can be heard during every social event in the city, and perhaps even beyond that. Many know me for my charm and grace, my extensive knowledge about everything worth knowing in these nights.. but not many know my true tale.

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Maria Vanderhoff: Origin Story

My name.. is Maria Vanderhoff. You might know me better as Prince Vanderhoff or simply “Prince of Amsterdam.” I am the sole ruler of the city, with it’s many undead inhabitants answering directly to me. Of course, being the most respected and influential Kindred in the area, there are a lot of rumors surrounding me and my history.

So today, I am granting you the opportunity to hear the real story.
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