Evening Star – Chapter 3

Story by Cameron Worth
Reading by IndigoStars


As I stepped back into the club from the hidden entrance behind the alley, I tried to refocus on why I was actually here. Whether or not I truly believed in all those things I said about fate, I couldn’t shake my thoughts from that girl, Vesper, and the chances of meeting someone to once again, remind me of the reason I decide to continue my existence.

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Mel’s Monologue

Mel’s Monologue
by Callisto

Hail to you, progeny! Most often, it is the work of my own hand and merry grin that does stain this marble hall with such crimson despair. I’ve left you here for but a moment, and you have already sought to change this landscape with such vigor.

With your own blood, no less.

I do admit your current disposition confounds me. When last I left, you were savoring a kiss with the alluring morsel I had presented to you earlier this very night.

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Alicia’s Story Chapter 2: Vampire of Sardinia

Story by Jeremy Vail
Imagery by Shelly
Reading by Lisa 

After several diplomatic failures and military defeats in the 1730s, Austria seemed to be declining, or even on the verge of collapse.However in 1770, A loose alliance between  the French and Austrians is strengthened by the marriage of future King Louis XVI of France and Austrian Archduchess  Marie Antoinette.For the Kingdom of Sardinia, this meant two large empires on either side were officially allied. Continue Reading

Evening Star – Chapter Two

Story by Cameron Worth
Reading by Lisa Indigo

The Amsterdam nightlife has been something I’ve been around for a while now, but I still haven’t gotten used to it. After exchanging here from my quiet home in Denmark, life here has required adaptation on my part. Amsterdam is a beautiful city. I was drawn here by my passion for art. There is a wonderful school here in Amsterdam called Rietveld where some of my favorite artists and pieces come from.

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